What to do when kids love drawing

Parents are always young and want to show the first and important art form, which has the effect of provoking the children’s painting. Visualization of the child’s painting needs to begin at 1 year of age. Parents should help children draw simple shapes such as apple, bowl, sun … or give children creative freedom How to draw a cartoon Dog, draw a cute kitten… When the child is two to three years old, parents need to give their children the ability to observe because this is the foundation for painting development.


Children in general love drawing, but also help children have moments of relaxation, creativity as well as improve the ability of the child.

Due to the limited awareness and the clumsy way to work, the pictures “play”, the “artwork” of children inevitably scrambled. Parents should not stop at the level of caring and encouraging children, but also need guidance and tutoring for children, helping children to show more accurately what children observe in their paintings. This helps to promote creativity and imagination of children.

Fathers and mothers can not rely on the observation and recognition of adults to evaluate the child’s picture is good or bad. It is important that you put yourself in the child’s position, observe, think the way your child understands what the child wants to say.

As children love, passionate about painting, parents should come from encouraging children. Parents should not scold or beat when they draw on the wall. Also, do not let your child draw the same as he or she wishes, leaving him or even forbidding him / her not to paint. The father, the mother needs care to take steps on the path of painting. Parents should keep all the painted pictures so that children can recognize the progress as well as errors in the picture. Whenever guests come to play, you can take pictures to draw your friends, assessments, suggestions to help children improve. You can make the frame hanging on the wall for the whole family to watch. This has the effect of promoting the baby a lot. Parents’ interest will help children to draw more confidence, to draw better, more vivid.

You can refer to the instructions for drawing animals, drawing cartoon or superman … at the website drawing instructions for children: http://htdraw.com



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